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A keen photographer for over 15 years, Donovan has been lucky enough to travel the world and capture some of the most iconic places on earth. Starting off as hobby to fill downtime during international work trips, photography now plays a more prominent role in Donovan’s life, and heavily influences the itinerary of upcoming holiday destinations. While international travel has been somewhat curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has provided Donovan with the perfect excuse to explore his own backyard and travel extensively across the east coast of Australia.

Landscape photography is Donovan’s specialty, with sunrises and oceans being his favourites to shoot.

Donovan primarily shoots with a Canon 5D Mk IV and has recently added a DJI drone to his toolkit, enabling him to capture nature from above.

Some of the places visited

South America.

Antarctica by boat, The Galapagos archipelago, Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu, Barbados

The Americas.

Miami, New York, North east USA & Canada, Vancouver, Rocky Mountains, Long Beach.

South East Asia.

Australia, New Zealand, India,

Sri Lanka, Singapore, China, Vietnam,

Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Mauritius.


Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Denmark, Portugal.


South Africa, Rwanda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zanzibar, Madeira Archipelago Portugal.

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